Online Therapy (Online Counselling)/ Telephone Therapy

All our therapists are experienced in delivering high quality talking therapies online and via telephone. This includes delivering online EMDR and online CBT. You can expect that the therapy that you receive online will be the same high quality therapy you would expect if you were seeing a therapist in a clinic. Research comparing online therapy to face to face has shown that it can be as effective in helping you to overcome your problems, with the added bonus of convenience. This means that if you are at home or in the workplace or anywhere else in the world you can get the help that you need.   
Online Therapy and Telephone Therapy can help you with a wide range of issues including: 
Anxiety (including worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder), Stress (including work-related stress), Panic Attacks, Depression, PTSD, Childhood Trauma, OCD and much more.  
Online and telephony therapy are growing in popularity as they are extremely accessible and easy to set up. We use various major online platforms including Microsoft Teams (previously skype for business), Vsee, Facetime, Zoom and Webex. These are all secure and GDPR compliant.
All of our therapists are currently practicing online as this is what we have been advised by our accrediting bodies as a result of the risks of COVID 19. We have also made this choice as we feel that it is easier, certainly in the early stages of therapy, to see your face as a means of developing trust and rapport, which cannot be established in the same way with the use of a PPE mask. It also allows us to treat you wherever you are in the world which means that you can be matched based on our ability to meet your needs, rather than location. 
For more information please contact us for a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your needs further. 

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