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Neurodevelopmental Services

High Quality Autism and ADHD Assessments in Brighton and Hove

The only acceptance that really matters is self-acceptance.

Image by Vardan Papikyan
Image by Vardan Papikyan

Autism and ADHD Assessment

Not having an understanding of why you, or a loved one, might be struggling can be really confusing or distressing. You might find that you are constantly trying to force yourself into a box that you do not fit in, which naturally can impact on things like self-esteem, mental health and general functioning. Having

diagnostic clarity can help you to feel as though you have found the missing pieces of the puzzle that you may have been searching for. Our assessments are delivered by clinicians qualified to diagnose and meet the recommended standards for Diagnosis. They also include the use of 'gold standard' structured assessments such as the ADOS-2 and ADI-R, when indicated. Recommendations for treatment, if required, will also form part of the assessment.  

Image by Rowan Kyle

What to Expect

You will be offered a Free Initial Telephone Consultation with one of our Clinical Leads, which can be booked here

After the consultation, if appropriate, typically you will be offered an opportunity to book a Psychological Assessment, with one of our Clinical Psychologists. This appointment will help you to decide whether a formal diagnostic assessment is necessary or indicated. 

Once you have considered the options, if you would like to book a formal Autism assessment or ADHD assessment you (or your child) will be booked in with one of our Clinical Psychologists, who will take the lead on the assessment and involve other clinicians, as indicated. After the assessment, you will be offered an opportunity to meet again to go through the assessment and discuss any treatment recommendations.  


Image by Rowan Kyle
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