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EMDR Intensives and Luxury Mental Health Retreats

Condensed Healing in Brighton & Hove and Rural Sussex  

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EMDR Intensive Therapy


Fast, Effective and Created Just for You. 

EMDR Intensives are ideal if you are looking for Individual therapy which is focussed and in-depth therapy, across a shorter period of time. The day treatments we offer are perfect for you if you are motivated, and want to fast track working through specific issues/events. 


Intensive EMDR can be used to treat any issue that standard therapy would treat. They are effective at working through current issues as well issues stemming from your past. You will be working one-to-one with a Senior Psychotherapist or Clinical Psychologist, who will be alongside to support and guide you through the whole process. The Clinician that you will be working with is Fully Accredited and highly qualified, which ensures that you are in safe hands. 


The benefit of this treatment is that several months of therapy is condensed into a number of days, making this both time and cost effective. Evidence has shown intensive treatment to be as effective as standard weekly sessions, held over a longer period. 


Our intensive EMDR packages are typically run across 3 days but can be adjusted based on need. However, for more focused pieces of work less time might be required. Additional days can also be added if necessary. EMDR Intensives take place at our beautiful therapy rooms in central Hove. There is an additional option of accommodation in our beautiful self contained apartment.


1-Day and 3-Day Intensives:

  • A Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning Session Prior to the Intensive

  • EMDR Resourcing

  • Full Day/3 Full Days of Processing with lunch and other breaks as needed 

  • 1 x Follow Up Appointment 



  EMDR Intensives are available on demand

Mental Health & Wellness Retreats - (3/4-Nights)

If you are looking for something that offers the benefits of traditional talking therapies, EMDR and has a focus on Wellness, our Mental Health & Wellness Retreats are perfect for you. These packages tailor treatment to your specific goals or issues and combine EMDR, Somatic work and Yoga, and also include elements of Compassion-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). You will receive comprehensive and robust treatment in a shorter timeframe than traditional weekly therapy allows. 

These retreats are suitable for any problem that standard therapy would be recommended for such as: Complex Trauma, PTSD, Excessive Worry, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety  and Perfectionism. They are also suited to people who would like to work on a specific problem or issue.

What does this include?:


  • A Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning Session Prior to the Retreat

  • 3 days of personalised integrative therapy including individual EMDR processing session with a Senior Psychologist or EMDR therapist.

  • Our Retreats offer condensed therapy which would typically be taken over the course of several months. 

  • Post treatment and debriefing session​.

Image by Wendy Gillard
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Luxury Retreats
(3 or 4 nights)

Our Luxury Retreats have all the benefits of our Intensive therapy packages with a holistic approach. Incorporating other therapy approaches and an additional focus on nourishment, restoration, relaxation and general wellness. Set in a rural Sussex Estate in a protected area of outstanding natural beauty within an hour from both London and Brighton. 

Luxury Retreats include:

  • A comprehensive assessment carried out prior to the Retreat.

  • A bespoke treatment plan designed specifically for you.

  • Experts on hand to guide you through your treatment journey. 

  • Breakfast and Lunch is included, and there is a fully catered option. All of our menus are bespoke and there is an option to have an assessment with a nutritionist prior to the retreat.

  • A compehensive treatment package that equates to several months worth of therapy. 

  • Post treatment and debriefing session

  • Follow up Appointment 

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