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Eating Disorder Services

We understand the devastating effects that Eating Disorders and Body Image issues can have on every aspect of your life. When they take grip, you can feel helpless and stuck and overtime it can become harder to imagine a life without it. 

At The Psychological therapy Centre, we have a team of therapists who are trained in a range of treatments proven to be effective in the recovery of Eating Disorders and Body Image / Appearance-related issues. This includes drawing on models such as CBT, CBT-E, CBT-ED, The Maudsley Model (MANTRA), specialist supportive clinical management (SSCM)Compassion-Focussed Interventions, and Addiction Protocols, amongst others.  

We believe in working with you as a person, and we understand that the issues that you are struggling with develop for a reason. We are here to help you work on the root causes as well as the symptoms in order to ensure the best chance of maintain recovery. 
Some of the problems we work with: 

Bulimia and Binge-Eating 

Binge-eating and Bulimia account for most of Eating disorders that receive a diagnosis. Our team of therapists are highly experienced in working with Binge-eating and Bulimia with privately and within NHS services. Treatment will involve helping you to understand your relationship with food and to develop skills and techniques that will help you to break free from these patterns. Our therapists are also trained to help you to understand what is driving your eating disorder, and support you to address the reasons why your eating disorder developed, in order to promote long-lasting meaningful change. 


Body Dysmorphia (BDD) and Body Image / Appearance-Related Issues

Body image / Appearance-related issues can affect anyone with any body shape. They are not related to what your body looks like, but rather how you feel in your own skin and how you perceive yourself. Our therapists use a range of evidence-based therapies which aim to help you to understand your relationship to your body and your appearance, with the aim of helping you to change the things that keep you locked in a cycle of shame and criticism. 


Extreme Dieting / Yo-Yo Dieting 

Extreme dieting or Yo-Yo Dieting is extremely common and are often not only accepted but promoted in society. However, we know that these practices can have a severe impact on wellbeing. They can also be an early indicator of a developing eating disorder. Early intervention when it comes to eating disorders can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing a more serious issue, which can be more challenging to recover from. Our therapists can work with you to identify early warning signs and develop alternative coping mechanisms in order to break any unhelpful relationship you might have with food as well as helping you to address any underlying issues driving these behaviours, such as, low self-esteem, addiction, fear of negative judgment etc. 


Anorexia and Restricted Eating

When it takes a grip, we know that Anorexia can have devastating effect on you and your loved ones. We also know how scary it can be to think about changing this way of coping. Our therapists are highly skilled and will support you to deal with these challenges as they arise, every step of the way. We use a range of evidence-based therapies in order to help address the causes of these eating patterns as well as helping you to develop new coping strategies. This includes the MANTRA, specialist supportive clinical management (SSCM), and CBT-ED, which are NICE guidelines recommended treatments for eating disorders.

Image by Annie Spratt
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