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Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy Services

High Quality psychological assessments & therapeutic support for families, children and young people.

Helping you and your loved ones to thrive


Child and Adolescent Therapy

We know how important it is to see children and young people as individuals, not through the lens of labels or diagnoses. Our aim is to help them to overcome any emotional challenges that they might be experiencing and to help them to understand themselves better. We understand how distressing it is for you, as a parent, to see your child struggling and we know how important it is to be able to trust in the service that your child is getting. 

All of our therapists and Psychologists are highly qualified to provide assessments and treatments for a range of mental health difficulties. We can work directly with children and young people or provide support to you, as a parent, to deal with the emotional impact of parenting a child who is struggling. We can also help you to find tools to navigate 

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Family Therapy

We understand how important your relationships with your loved ones are. However, sometimes even in the most loving relationships, communication can break down or issues can arise in response to circumstances outside of your control. The quality of our relationships are central to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our loved ones. The therapy we provide is systemic family  therapy which is aimed at providing a safe non-judgemental space to explore difficult thoughts and emotions. All of our therapists are extremely experienced and accredited to ensure that you receive a high quality service.   

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