EMDR Intensives and Luxury Retreats

Condensed Healing in Brighton & Hove and Rural Sussex  

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EMDR Intensives 

Fast, Effective and Created Just for You. 

EMDR Intensives are ideal if you are looking for focussed, in-depth therapy in shorter amount of time. The day treatments we offer are perfect for you if you are motivated, and want to process specific issues/events or whether you choose to work through part of your own life narrative. Intensives are great for enhancing performance at work, in relationships or functioning in general.

Day Intensives provide the space for working through deeper issues, all the way from early experiences to your present and into the future. You will be working one-to-one with an experienced EMDR therapist, ensuring you get undivided attention. 

The nature of these intensive treatments means that several months of therapy can be condensed into a number of days, making this both time and cost effective. Evidence has shown intensive treatment to be as effective as standard weekly sessions held over a longer period. 

The experience of EMDR Intensives vs weekly therapy:

Imagine trying to piece together a puzzle. You are making good progress and then time is up. You have to take it apart and start rebuilding the next week. Although fantastic progress is made in weekly sessions, Intensives allow us to continue building the puzzle until it's complete. 

Typically Day Intensives are run over 3 days. However, you may only need 1 day if you are wanting to work through a single event or focus on performance enhancement. Additional days or half days can also be added if necessary.

3 Day Intensive:

  • Initial Consultation and Assessment (1.5 hours)

  • 6 x Intensive sessions (15 hours)

  • 1 x Resourcing session (30 mins)

  • 1 x Follow Up (30 mins)

  • Mini-Breaks as needed

  • Lunch Break (1 hour)

1 Day Intensive:

  • Initial Consultation and Assessment (1.5 hours)

  • 2 x Intensive sessions (5 hours)

  • 1 x Resourcing session (30 mins)

  • 1 x Follow Up (30 mins)

  • Mini-Breaks as needed

  • Lunch Break (1 hour)

Half Day Intensive:

  • 1 x Intensive session (3 hours)

  • 1 x Resourcing session (30 mins)

  • 1 x Follow Up (30 mins)

  • Mini-Breaks as needed

EMDR Intensive Day Retreats

EMDR Intensive Treatment combined with elements of Compassion-Focused therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 

What does this include?:

  • An individual consultation and assessment

  • Personalised treatment planning

  • Goal focussed treatment in line with your values

  • 3 days of personalised intensive EMDR sessions with an experienced EMDR therapist.

  • Our Intensive Day Retreats equate to 20 sessions of therapy, which would typically be taken over approximately a 6-month period. 

  • Therapy manual 

  • Post treatment and debriefing session​.

  • Day retreats include group sessions elements for support      and reflection

EMDR Intensives are available on demand

Next Available Day Retreats dates:

10th, 11th & 17th September, 2022. Further dates to follow. 

Luxury Retreats
(3 or 4 nights)

Our Luxury Retreats have all the benefits of our Intensive therapy packages with more a holistic approach. Incorporating other therapy approaches and an additional focus on nourishment, restoration, relaxation and general wellness. Set in a rural Sussex Estate in a protected area of outstanding natural beauty within an hour from both London and Brighton. 

Luxury Retreats include:

  • A comprehensive assessment carried out prior to the Retreat.

  • A bespoke treatment plan designed specifically for you.

  • Experts on hand to guide you through your treatment journey. 

  • All refreshments included. Breakfast, Lunch and a three-course meal all made from local produce by a private chef.

  • Private rooms. Boutique accommodation in an award winning 2-acre country estate.

  • A therapy package that equates to between 20 -26 sessions of therapy, which would typically be taken over approximately a 6-month period. 

  • Group sessions for support and reflection

  • Therapy manual 

  • Post treatment and debriefing session

Next available dates: 

4 Night Retreat 25th-29th September 2022 - Waiting List

3 Night Retreat 14th-17th October 2022 - Waiting List

4 Night Retreat 20th-24th February 2023 - Places Available

3 Night Retreat 3rd-6th March 2023 - Places Available

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Is this for me?

Our EMDR Intensives, Day Retreats and Luxury Retreats are geared to support you in working through many different issues such as specific traumatic life events, difficulties with self-esteem and confidence, phobias, low mood, anxiety and more. Experiencing trauma doesn't always mean PTSD, it can present itself in different ways. We all have our own story, and we can help you find a starting point, and support you in moving forward to reach your full potential.

Intensives are not for everyone, they require a commitment from you in terms of effort and a bigger upfront cost. This is a tiring process but you will be able to take breaks and pauses when needed. 

A thorough assessment of suitability and readiness for intensive work is provided via a free consultation. We may make a different recommendations if we feel these treatments are not suitable. 

What is the evidence EMDR Intensives work?

EMDR is well-established, evidenced-based therapy for many difficulties such as trauma, low mood, self-esteem and anxiety related issues. Intensive treatments have yielded excellent outcomes, and have shown that EMDR delivered intensively can achieve the same (and sometimes better) results than weekly. 

What if I need more sessions that the 3 days?

You will undergo a thorough assessment with one of our Clinical Leads who will make a recommendation, and your progress will be monitored throughout treatment. If we feel you would benefit from further input (whether this be a half day or more) this is something we can offer. We always tailor treatment based on the need of the client.

Where are the EMDR Intensives held?

Currently our EMDR Intensives are run at our Brighton and Hove base. This is a 10-minute walk from Hove station, which is easily accessible from London and surrounding areas.

Is there the option of staying overnight with the EMDR Intensives?

Accommodation is not included, however there are many options for overnight stays nearby or in central Brighton for you to choose from.

Will I be expected to speak out or share difficult things during the group parts of treatment? 

Absolutely not, everything is completely confidential. Group aspects of treatment are about learning new skills, and reflecting on the process rather than sharing personal experiences. There is no pressure for you to speak up either. Everyone learns in different ways and we completely respect your wishes. Please speak to us if you are unsure.

Where are the Luxury Retreats held and how do I get there?

Our Luxury Retreats are held at a luxury estate in rural Sussex 45 minutes from Brighton and within an hour from London. We can arrange pick-ups from the local train station. There is also parking for 15 cars at the estate.

Can I book with a friend or partner?

You are more than welcome to book onto an EMDR Intensive or Luxury Retreat with someone else. There is an option for a reduced accommodation rate on the Luxury Retreats if you were to share a room.

Will food be included?

For the EMDR Intensives you will be provided with refreshments. There are lots of local cafes, pubs and restaurants nearby for lunch options. Our Luxury Retreats include a private chef and all food for your stay is included. This includes refreshments, breakfasts, lunches and three course evening meals (which includes local cheese).

Can I pay using my health insurance?

Currently our Intensives and Luxury Retreats are not covered by insurance and we are only accepting privately funded clients.

How much does this cost?

  • Individual EMDR Intensives: Full Day: £785 or Half Day: £525

  • 3-day EMDR Intensive Day Retreat: £1650 for 3 days 9-5 (further days can be added if required)

  • 3-night Luxury Retreats: £1950

  • 4-night Luxury Retreat £2450

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